Grocery shopping on a diet

Going grocery shopping on a diet can be very stressful and can make someone crave the junk that they are trying avoid. Grocery stores design there layouts for you to buy things that you do not need. Foods in grocery stores also are sometimes not right for someone on a diet.

WebMD and Shape have a list of tips while going through every sections of the grocery store. They include the tempting options like the bakery, pastas, cereals, etc.

Here are my suggestions:

Meat and Fish- For meat and poultry, look to purchase products that are leaner than 90 percent.  With chicken, purchase chicken breast as they have more protein. With Seafood, I recommend eating fish that have high protein contents. I also recommend eating shrimp as it high protein and yummy.

Dairy- When buying cheese purchase enough for you, Deli’s can always slice cheese for you if the portions are too big. With yogurt, mixing plain Greek yogurt with fresh or frozen fruit is a healthier option that buying a Greek or regular yogurt with fruit inside

Fruits and Vegetables- Purchase a variety of colored fruits and vegetables as each color vegetables has a different vitamin and nutrient for your body.


  • Make a list before you shop so you know what you have to get. Then follow the list.
  • Read the nutritional content of different brands for bread, dairy, cereals, etc


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