Becoming healthier without breaking the bank

Fitness is one of the major parts of becoming and staying healthy. On average, a person should be working out two to three times a week. One major misconception is that you need to spend hundreds of dollars a month on a gym membership. You do not need a gym membership to be fit. I

I recommend making a playlist full of energetic, upbeat songs to listen to while working out. Listening to slow, emotional songs can motivate you to stop, while the more upbeat the further you will continue with the workout. Wed MD recommends making workouts work for you so you do not feel pressured or stressed for time. They also give good tips on also how to stay healthy by not spending anything

 Health magazine gives a few options of how to stay ft with out spending money. Below are some free options on how to be fit without spending money

  1. Walking or running. Walking is great if you have a pet it gives you the motivation to continue on. Walking then lead to jogging or running
  2. Free classes- Look for a free Zumba, yoga or pilates class. Sometimes churches and community centres put on free classes.
  3. Make your own at home workout: Make a workout at home and treat it like your own bootcamp routine.
  4. Work out at work- Have a stability ball or do chair crunches while on a break. Also instead of eating on a break, take a walk around the property for some exercise.
  5. Apps: There are plenty of apps that can help you stay fit. I have them downloaded on my iPad and have started using them almost daily
    1. FitStar Personal Trainer– have a personal trainer in-app form. In-app updates and subscriptions to better packages are available, but I stick with the free version
    2. Jillian Michaels- Have Jillian Michaels in app form. Try her workout plans and her meal plan tips. On the app, the exercises are based on what you enter in your profile. In-app purchases and subscriptions available.
    3. Lose it- Diet diary that can help you maintain your goals and achievements. Also, gives you a calorie budget and goals that you can reach.
    4. POPSUGAR Active– Workout app
    5. Daily Yoga- yoga app that provides yoga poses and tips. Comes in all different levels and goals that the user wants to achieve
    6. SWORKIT– another workout app to choose from with lots of different kinds of workouts
    7. Zen– learn to meditate with this app to relieve stress and anxiety.


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