Diet Myths

There are a lot of myths when trying to diet. Today there are a lot of myths when trying to diet. Myth busting is a great way to inform people trying to diet the difference between a truth or a myth.

Nightime Eating makes you fat: The myth is that you burn up the food you eat earlier in the day, while late-night calories sit in your system and turn into fat. The reality is that calories do not tell time. The body may have a slower metabolism at night. Real simple states that night eaters do tend to overeat though at night.

Small meals boost your metabolism. The truth is that only small meals boost your metabolism for a short period. It is recommended to boost your metabolism to work on strengthening your muscles and exercising more.

Some Sugars are worse than others: all kinds of sugars are absorbed by the metabolism. Instead of adding sugar, go for lower sugar options of sugar alternatives.

Coffee is not good for you: to some, they believe that coffee is not healthy for a person to consume on a daily basis. Web MD reports that coffee can help reduce medical issues like diabetes, Parkinson’s, and even cancer. They still recommend to limit the amounts added into coffee like milk, cream, and sugar.

Coffee helps you lose weight. It is believed by some that caffeine is an appetite suppressant. Unfortunately, drinking cups of coffee may temporarily suppress your appetite, but not enough for you to lose weight.

Drink more water to lose weight. Drinking water makes no difference in weight loss. Without the change in fitness and diet, water will not help you dramatically lose weight

Going on a diet will help you lose weight. Just going on a diet will not help you lose weight. A diet is a hard thing to achieve. The best way is to understand why you eat and make healthier decisions

Protein shakes and bars help you lose weight. Packaged protein products can be a part of an all-around healthy diet, they aren’t any better than a sit-down meal comprised of similar nutrients. However, depending on which bars and shakes you pick up, you could actually be putting your health at risk. Many supplements contain harmful chemicals or added sweeteners. I recommend making your own bars at home using online recipes and making protein drink outs of local produce.


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