How to motivate to change

People need to be highly motivated to make a change, like weight loss. Without the motivation, people tend to leave the diet and go back to old, unhealthy habits. When you have the motivate to achieve something, as you lose weight, it can increase your self-esteem and the motivation to continue.

Weight Watchers talks about motivation being like a circle. It is highly motivated, a tiny slowdown in motivation, slower motivation and being unmotivated. Setting low goals is the best way to start being motivated. Once reaching the small goals then you can start making higher goals.

Sometimes going out to dinner, cravings and low motivation can cause people to quit and become not motivated to change. When going out to dinner, you can eat what you want, just plan out what your meals are going to be for the next day. When thinking about quitting, try imagining what life would be like if you continue the bad habits. You can also go on the Weight Watchers website and view their success stories or other diet websites to gain inspiration to continue.

Journaling what you eat can also help you track the calories that you consume and what you have eaten. I am currently keeping a journal of my eating habits to track my mood and what I am feeling when I am eating. Then I look back to see if it was really hungry or is it just in my head. I also recommend writing down your supports that you have to diet. When dieting you need a support system to help you achieve. Mine is my mother, we are doing weight loss together and lean on each other for support.

I want people to write themselves a letter if and when they decide to go on a diet. This letter is to yourself on why you are going on this journey, and list the reasons how you decided to go on a diet. This can be positive or negative like “I hate buying plus size clothes and nothing fits or looks right.” I then want you to keep the letter and look at it when you are feeling unmotivated or want to quit.

Here are some questions to ask when setting goals to becoming healthier:

  • What would I like to achieve this week
  • How can I achieve my goal this week
  • Can I do it this week
  • Will I actually do it



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